Less than 2 weeks to go until the #GSalzburg22 Forum on Hybrid AI. The organizers put togehter an interesting agenda with speakers from @Hessian_AI, @ESA_EO phi-lab, #IARAI and @GeohumC .
Registration open until 6-30! Details at https://gi-salzburg.org/en/participate/


What are the challenges and opportunities in recent climate change risk assessments? Fresh out of the press by @LindaMenk et al. @Z_GIS1 @PLUS_1622 #ClimateAdaptation #ClimateCrisis https://journals.ametsoc.org/view/journals/wcas/14/2/WCAS-D-21-0014.1.xml

Are you interested in “Explainable Artificial Intelligence”, “Physics-Aware AI” or “Hybrid AI”? Then we invite you to come and present at our Special Forum on Hybrid-AI @ GI_Salzburg on 06.07.22! @GI_Salzburg @Z_GIS1 @PLUS_1622 https://geohum.zgis.at/events/

Eyes in the sky can help the way we help refugees 🌍 A 360info article written by our PhD candidate Yunya Gao on Earth Observartion for humanitarian action @360info_global @Z_GIS1 @PLUS_1622 https://360info.org/eyes-in-the-sky-can-change-the-way-we-help-refugees/

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